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Agilent U1191A Current clamp, hand 4 digits, AC, 400A

Agilent U1191A Current clamp, hand 4 digits, AC, 400A
Agilent U1191A Current clamp, hand 4 digits, AC, 400A
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    Agilent U1191A multi-Clamp / Multimeter AC. The U1191A handheld clamp meter is designed to make your work safer easier and more effective. The U1191A current clamp is equipped with a variety of specifications. The special design with the built-in cable trays (top shape) helps enormously around in a harness in the correct cable to thread.Integrated digital multimeter (DMM) with resistance, AC voltage, DC voltage, AC current measuring ability and continuity and diode test. Features and Highlights: Unique cable trays (top shape) to separate a harness jaw opening 31mm clamp diameter 27mm Display: 6000 counts Switchable orange display backlighting DC voltage up to 600 V AC voltage to 600 V AC current up to 400 A Resistance to 6 k & Omega, diode measurement Data hold Zero MAX / MIN / AVG Car Auto Power Range (shut down) Protection class CAT III 600 V / CAT IV 300 V Dimensions: B77.1 x H225.0 x T38.6 mm Weight 320 g Warranty: 3 years Package: U1191A current clamp Calibration (Calibration Certificate - CoC) Quick Start Guide Test leads Battery carrying bag to change without notice

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